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Inspire Group & Frucor Suntory Shine at Brandon Hall Excellence Awards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Inspire Group, leaders in innovative learning solutions, are thrilled to have received three awards at the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, last night.

The Brandon Hall Awards are renowned for acknowledging outstanding achievements in the fields of learning, development, and sales performance. The award-winning initiative, the exceller8 program, developed in collaboration with client Frucor Suntory., has been awarded:

  • Gold Award: Learning and Development Awards - Best Hybrid Learning Program
  • Silver Award: Sales Performance Awards - Best Program for Sales Training and Performance
  • Bronze Award: Sales Performance Awards - Best Unique or Innovative Sales Training Program

CASE STUDY: Frucor Suntory Sales Training Programme

"We are beyond thrilled to have received three Brandon Hall Awards for our exceller8 program in collaboration with Frucor Suntory.” says Inspire Group’s NZ CEO, Aidan Stoate.

“These awards underscore our dedication to creating impactful learning solutions that drive success for our clients.” he continues.

These awards stand as a testament to Inspire Group's commitment to creating better learning that’s life-changing; pushing the boundaries of learning and development, fostering sales excellence, and delivering innovative solutions that drive tangible results.

“We believe in the potential of innovation, collaboration, and excellence, and these awards motivate us to continue pushing boundaries and raising the bar for learning and development.” says Aaron Cluka, Seinor Learning Designer for Inspire Group

The partnership showcases the power of combining Inspire Group's expertise with the vision of industry leaders to create transformative learning experiences. The exceller8 program has not only met but exceeded expectations, equipping sales professionals with cutting-edge skills and knowledge while delivering measurable business impact.

Read the Case Study

Read the full case study to learn about how Inspire Group and Frucor Suntory collaborated to create a truly innovative and behaviour-changing sales programme.

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