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Custom Learning

Under our guiding principle ‘better learning is life-changing’, our team has delivered thousands of bespoke learning and development solutions for our clients worldwide.

Your challenges and culture are unique to your organisation, therefore we partner with you to co-design solutions that are engaging, sustainable and deliver results.


Learning design services

  • Consulting and strategic planning
  • Research and discovery
  • Capability framework development
  • Learning architecture
  • Learning campaigns
  • Motion graphics and videos
  • Blended learning solutions
  • eLearning/mobile learning
  • Workshops (virtual and in-person)
  • Train-the-trainer materials/delivery
  • Monitoring and evaluation


Key learning areas

  • Leadership tools
  • Inductions and onboarding
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Health and safety
  • Risk and compliance
  • Privacy and security
  • Policy and procedures
  • Systems implementation
  • Customer service and communication
  • Change management
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Our recipe for success

Over the years we have developed our own science of learning – the special pairing of ingredients to make sure you get a truly bespoke recipe for success.

It's what drives us every day – finding out your project context and what will really work in your world. With that understanding we can create just the right solution that will make the biggest positive impact possible.

Our genius zone is that sweet spot where psychology, creativity and delivery meet:

  • Psychology: Our ideas are underpinned by behaviour-change psychology and best-practice adult learning principles.
  • Creativity: Our designs are visually, technologically and conceptually creative so they draw the learner in and achieve results.
  • Delivery: Our solutions are a clever mix of modalities crafted by our experienced team, supported by our award-winning project management process.

This is how we produce measurable, data-driven results that have a positive impact on your organisation, leaders and learners.

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Off-the-Shelf Learning Solutions

Although our specialty at Inspire Group is custom learning solutions, we've also developed some off-the-shelf learning solutions. When we find there is a popular topic that quickly and easily needs to be rolled out, we design a standard module. Organisations can take advantage of world-class learning design for a fraction of the price, or choose to pay a bit extra to have it customised.

Check out these eLearning modules and workshops we have available to roll out to your team immediately:

Unconscious Bias module image

Unconscious Bias

We've designed an Unconscious Bias module ready for you to deliver in your organisation immediately. 

This 10-minute, fully responsive module is designed to increase awareness about personal biases and common types of bias. We use stories and scenarios to engage your learners and help make the module relevant and memorable.

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Virtual Learning Series

Need to bring your team up to speed on leading and working virtually?

Being a great virtual leader requires some new skills. Our Virtual Learning Series will help you and your team close the virtual leadership skill gaps.

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