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Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts or SMEs are an essential part of the learning material development lifecycle...
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10 Ways to be a better learning consultant

Want advice on how to take your consulting to the next level?  We're all consultants....
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What's your L&D game plan?

Use our free tools to see how your learning and development strategy stacks up.
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Working from home module

This module has some practical tips and advice on how to stay physically and mentally healthy, and...
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Learner persona template

To make your life a bit easier and give you time to spend elsewhere, our team has put together two...
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Resilience module

In this module we will be taking a closer look at the different types of resilience, and giving you...
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Leading a flexible workplace eBook

Employees who feel respected in a flexible and inclusive workplace are more loyal, make a bigger...
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Employee Induction eBook

Create the best onboarding experience.
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