Absent- Get them on board

Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts or SMEs are an essential part of the learning material development lifecycle and provide valuable content expertise, context and general wisdom.

Whether you work with SMEs or need help getting your SMEs up to speed on their role in a new project, our brief module will help everyone out.

In this module we cover:

  • How to work with SMEs
  • Different SME personas and how to work with each type
  • 'I am a SME.' What does it mean and how do I fit into the project?
  • The learning design stages and how a SME fits into that process:
    1. Design
    2. Develop
    3. Deliver
  • Hints and tips to ensure efficiency and robust communication and understanding between SMEs and the rest of the project team.

So download our free module to see how you can ensure your next learning project runs smoothly.