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Frieda de Bruyn
I'm Frieda, lover dad jokes, fairy-tale endings and outdoor adventures with my family. For almost a decade I designed learning solutions for my Science and Biology high-school students. Now my audience includes a variety of learners from different skill levels and organisations. Since joining Inspire Group, every day has been a meaningful experience collaborating with the team and our clients to design learning that is life changing. 
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Organisational Change: The Complete Guide

"Change is the only constant in life." Heraclitus, Greek philosopher. Recently, we surveyed over...

L&D Contracting vs. In-House L&D: Which is right for your business?

People love to learn. Just think back to the hard lockdowns we’ve experienced and how many people...

Change Management: 3 Rules for Business Leaders

Think back to when you were little. Now try to imagine your whānau unexpectedly moving house,...

Mastering BANI: Learning design in an uncertain world

Acronyms are as popular in New Zealand as the good old cheese scone or cheese roll, depending on...

5 Slip-Ups Managers Make when Building an L&D Strategy

With the change-over from one calendar year to the next, comes a fresh perspective and plenty of...

5 Actionable Ways to create a culture of learning in your organisation

You see a bunch of memes being shared everywhere on a specific topic. You feel a bit lost as you...

Telltale Signs that Your Learning Isn't Suited to a Hybrid Workforce

Work life changed dramatically in 2020. It became the year of business at the top and trackies at...

15 Tips to Get Your Team Hungry For Learning

Ever had to sit through bad learning trying your hardest to seem interested? Or perhaps you’ve...

7 tips to get the best out of your eLearning company

You're an L&D professional and your organisation has identified the need for an eLearning solution....

The importance of visual design in learning design

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. If this is true, just imagine the impact of visual design...

8 tips for using personas in your learning design 

Learning design is about more than just the content. It has to speak to the learner on a personal...

The top 6 tips for embedding learning in your organisation

Gone are the days where you have to own a full set of encyclopedia and put aside a couple of hours...

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