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Dan Tohill
Dan Tohill's journey as a learning specialist steeped in business psychology spans an impressive three decades. His unique blend of academic rigor and practical innovation has left an indelible mark on the learning landscape in New Zealand, Australia, and Asia. In 2001, Dan recognized an opportunity to redefine how organizations approached learning, leading him to establish Inspire Group. Over the years, Inspire has emerged as the go-to provider for learning solutions in New Zealand and Australia, celebrated for its innovation and recognized as one of New Zealand's top workplaces. Beyond founding Inspire, Dan remains at the helm, steering the company's expansion into new markets and products. His commitment extends beyond the boardroom, staying actively engaged with Inspire's clientele and contributing valuable thought leadership to the professional community through speaking engagements and coaching practitioners. Dan Tohill's journey is a testament to the transformative power of melding academic insight with practical solutions, shaping not just a company but an ethos of learning excellence that resonates across borders.
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