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How do we ensure our learning is culturally appropriate?

In this episode Dan Tohill talks to Fran Hoover who shares some of her experiences while working for many years in the public and community sectors and the importance of ensuring learning is culturally appropriate.


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"I think what we're learning more recently is that organisations, of course, are made up of human beings and human breeds bring their whole person,
they bring their own cultural context, ethnicity, background and their history into the workplace as well. And so one of the real joys I think we have particularly here in Aotearoa, New Zealand, is this incredibly rich culture that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world."

"We have both a responsibility and a privilege to incorporate, particularly to our Māori constructs, other ways of thinking wherever we can because it makes for better learning"

"Culture is always there in our learning, whether we think it is or not. It's just, we don't stop and ask and look. By definition it is the hidden assumptions and the dominant paradigm."

"The components of learning that I've seen work best are never a single learning event. We know that we need multiple bites, encouraging people, particularly with asynchronous, remote or digital learning. If we can create scenarios where there is a leader in a conversation, a supervision session or a framing type thing, anything like that embeds learning better."


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About Fran Hoover:

Although she hasn’t been in a traditional classroom for many years, Fran describes herself as a ‘teacher by trade’ because it was as a high school teacher that she first saw the amazing things that can happen when people are really engaged and participating in their own learning.

Her career has always had learning at its heart, and has included working with executives and senior leaders on leadership and developing organisational learning and change strategies, through to hands-on design and delivery of learning programmes for refugees to help them thrive in their new home.

With 30 years' experience working in the public and community sectors, Fran enjoys the challenges and benefits of both.  As a senior manager and executive herself, Fran has successfully led and implemented new strategic visions, helped grow learning cultures, developed high-performing teams and delivered transformational change. 

Whether it is directly through her own delivery or in collaboration with others, Fran brings warmth and energy to facilitation and learning events, always creating a space where real engagement is happening.



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