IG 20 years birthday
Dan Tohill

Lessons learnt from 20 years in the L&D Industry with Dan Tohill

Time flies! Inspire Group is 20 years young! 

Aidan Stoate interviews Dan Tohill on all the challenges, changes and lessons learnt in the L&D industry over the last 20 years.

Inspire started with an idea, to bring to the market a new approach to organisational learning with the belief that – 'better learning is life changing'.

Over the last 20 years we have grown from our Wellington base to Auckland, Australia and Malaysia and now serve a global market with learning solutions, leadership development and talent solutions.

From a distance the growth curve looks like a smooth trajectory, but just like personal growth, there’s been plenty of ups and downs, steps forward and backwards and a few sideways moves.

Listen to the interview here:


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