AICB develops programmes to enhance the quality of  the financial industry workforce within Malaysia.

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AICB supports the growth of its 30,000+ members through learning, advocating professionalism, advancing thought leadership and facilitating networking opportunities.

To stay current, members need to complete certain modules on a yearly basis, like the Ethics and Professionalism Module (part of the Continuing Professional Development).

The aim was to provide learners with an opportunity to perform ethical analysis on major scams in the banking industry. They had to resolve ethical dilemmas with the help of different approaches to ethics and related concepts covered in the previous existing Ethics eLearning modules.  

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Inspire Group Asia developed 8 responsive modules in this series (6 case studies and 2 readings on ethical dilemmas) using its responsive authoring tool Chameleon Creator for striking and clear impact.

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The result was a slick suite of modules to help learners make informed decisions if they ever face situations in their working life that challenge their ethical beliefs.

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