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“The modules developed in Chameleon were fast to create and we were able to see prototypes as they were created. The modules are easy for all health professionals to access on any device (tablet, mobile, desktop) and we could get the training out in record time.  Being able to respond so quickly during this time of emergency has been so valuable in making sure New Zealand was in the best possible position to respond to the pandemic. We now have a range of consistent training tools available to the whole health sector and are very pleased with the speed, delivery and outcome of this learning.”  

Toby Regan – Chief Advisor, National Investigation and Tracing Centre, COVID-19, Ministry of Health  


With the pressure to rapidly respond to the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, many health providers set up testing stations and protocols, resulting in different ways of training and upskilling. In May 2020, The Ministry of Health wanted to collect the best of the training and processes, to provide the whole New Zealand health sector with one version of the truthThe Ministry asked Inspire Group to help design and deliver eLearning modules for a national training plan/process on investigative interviewing and close contact tracing.   



Due to the urgencywe put a dedicated team on this project to work on the modules uninterrupted, with the aim to deliver as fast as possible.  

To quickly create Covid-19 emergency eLearning modules for investigative interviewing and close contact tracing, we used our authoring tool Chameleon Creator. This allowed the Ministry to see progress as the modules were developed, saving valuable time.  



We rapidly delivered three sets of two eLearning modules each 20 minutes long, targeted for the two groups of learners.  

Modules for all learners

1. Communicable Disease Surveillance and Control

2. Aotearoa's Disease Outbreak Response

Modules for investigative-interviewing learners 

3. Fundamentals of Case Investigation  

4. Effective Communication Skills (relating to investigative interviewing)

Modules for close-contact-tracing learners  

5. Close Contact Tracing

6. Effective Communication Skills (relating to contact tracing) 



Our modules enabled the Ministry to quickly and efficiently upscale and deploy a workforce for accurately following the contact tracing process and investigative interviewing during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We are immensely proud to have been involved in helping to shape, design and create these six modules that allow all of the health sector to complete the same training. 

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