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Stu Neighbour
As CEO of Inspire Group Australia, I work with a great team to build authentic learning experiences that engage the heart before the head, and enable people to work while they learn, and learn while they work.
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Why is organisational learning maturity important?

To begin thinking about learning maturity, we might start with how these two concepts are...

Learning Below the Line

There’s a story out of Rotorua in NZ that has lessons for the learning industry if we choose to go...

How to write well for better learning

How often when we’re writing up the requirements of a role – any role really – we include “written...

The 3 Different Types of Failure

We addressed the other F word in the last post and wondered why its not discussed more in learning...

How to Embrace Failure in Learning

“To Fail is Human” ...okay, it's not quite Alexander Pope but you get the idea. Failure!

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