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Mitelene Enslin

10 ways to be a better learning consultant

Ever wish that you could just get some clear and easy steps on how to take your consulting to the next level? 



We're all consultants. Whether you’re an L&D, HR or OD manager or a learning/instructional designer you are a learning consultant, and being a good consultant makes all aspects of your job easier and more fun. So how can you become better at this role? 

Better learning is life-changing

We have a saying at Inspire Group, a mantra as such. Better learning is life-changing. And we strive to make this part of everything we do. It’s simple. But it needs deliberate thought and action to achieve. That means, as a learning consultant you are the agent, the catalyst, to better learning in your organisation. It’s got to start with you.  

The importance of teaching or coaching moments

Earlier this year I was discussing with someone the importance of having a teacher or a coach in your life. If you’ve ever had a great sports coach or teacher, youll know that having someone there to guide youto help you become better at something or reach a goal, is such an invaluable and rewarding experience. These teaching or coaching moments include something as simple as an eye-opening conversation, someone to kick you up the butt and make you see things in a way you never thought you could, or even someone who gets you to do things you never thought you’d be able to do.  

The reality is, for many of us, these moments end right after school. And if you don’t partake in a dedicated hobby, sport or art where you are taking classes or you have a relationship with a coach or teacher, you may still be missing out on something like this in your life.  

Becoming better at learning

This is even more of a reality in our careers. I’m grateful to have met some amazing and no doubt, one-of-a-kind people along my journey as a learning consultant and designer that have taken the time and patience to share some wisdom with me and guide me along the way. But its definitely something I have to be deliberate about to ensure that I’m growing as a person and in my career. 

Now, we’re not going to teach you how to do your job but we’ve compiled our top 10 most useful tips, tricks and resources to help you get your A-game on as a learning consultant! See it as a coaching moment 😊.  

These 10 tips include things like: 

  • Practical ways to put your learner first. 

  • Why mentoring matters and how to get a mentor. 

  • Why ‘fake it till you make it’ isn’t going to cut the mustard. 

  • How to not settle for the same-old same-old. 

  • Ways to ‘actually’ help others in your organisation to learn. 

So, time to kick some butt! 

Check out this free module to see 10 ways you can lift your game!

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