Edgenta Academy is the main learning institution for UEM Edgenta. They were established to institutionalise standards for UEM Edgenta to deliver world-class services in the Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions segment.


Edgenta Academy staff consist of professionals who are involved in designing learning solutions for the different staff; trainers who deliver content and some who are involved in administrative worked related to L&D. The head of the academy came to us to develop a programme that would help upskill the team in designing and developing learning solutions with a bit of presentation skills thrown in. 


After having numerous conversations with the Head of Learning at Edgenta Academy, we developed a project-based series of workshops that introduced the basic concepts, models and frameworks that all L&D professionals should be familiar with. The sessions were also heavily based on practical application of concepts and theories. 


The sessions were done virtually on Microsoft Teams with group activities captured on a single Google Slides account, open to all the participants. Pre-discussion questions were shared at least 2 weeks before each session to help participants prepare for the upcoming session.

The agenda and focus for each session was laid out at the start. There were moments when changes had to be made to content before the next session, when a new discovery was made during a previous workshop discussion. This agile approach has made the programme really specifically tailored for the participants at Edgenta Academy.


The feedback from Edgenta Academy has been incredible. Participants have found practical application for the knowledge they gained in their everyday work, even for staff who are involved in purely administrative work.

The sessions have also helped participants to see a career in L&D; one participant was able to use the knowledge immediately as she was creating a framework for a programme as the workshop was happening.

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