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"It was really good to be able to step into a leadership role, to bring new ideas and to have the skills to have that kind of impact. It's been really cool"

Mel Rosamond - Youth Regional Drill and Ceremonial Officer


Create a learning solution that would help St John youth leaders:

  • develop a growth mindset  
  • have the confidence in themselves to share their ideas and opinions with others
  • be the culture change, putting their best self forward and enhancing their natural leadership style  
  • challenge the status quo, be listened to and be open to lead  
  • demonstrate situational leadership and lead without rank. 


Prior to undertaking any work, Inspire Group facilitated a co-design session with St John to get clear on what their expectations of the learning would be e.g. what they wanted their youth leaders to know, do and be after the learning. 



From this thorough briefing with St John, Inspire Group designed the solution 'Be the Leader You Are', a one-day, facilitated, leadership-development workshop for a diverse audience with varied needs. 

This workshop included a blend of facilitator-led, open group discussions, self-directed learning and reflection. 


The immediate response after the workshop was extremely positive, with youth leaders feeling confident and excited about applying their new skills. Since completion of the workshops, many attendees have stepped up into leadership roles and have put their learnings into practice.


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