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“Inspire Group helped us create very technical modules and cleverly used illustrations to complement the content – we’ve received some great feedback on them from our customers. We’ve now done a number of projects with Inspire Group, and enjoy the tailored approach they offer us and how they collaborate with our technical advisors. They know just how to translate the content, without losing its relevance and meaning.”   

Jonquil Brooks Information and Education Lead


BRANZ is an independent research organisation, using an impartial evidence-based approach to improving the performance of the New Zealand building system. They transform insightful research into trusted, accessible, and actionable knowledge.  

BRANZ offers industry-specific eLearning modules for licensed building practitioners, architectural designers, engineers and other industry specialists, to keep them up to date with changing industry practices and regulationsInspire Group has worked together with BRANZ on numerous modules that help building practitioners grow vital skills and maintain the standard required to keep their licence.  

The challenge with these modules was there was a vast amount of very technical information that had to be creatively distilled into engaging, interactive 20-minute modules each with a self-assessment at the end.


Due to the technicality of the material, we used dedicated team of learning designers with related industry experience on this project. This way, we were able to summarise the information, add our learning design magic and make sure nothing was lost in translation 


We delivered a suite of technically accurate modules, that came to life by the use of visuals, making it an engaging piece of learning. 

ModulesJunctions and Joints 

The consequences of junction failure in relation to moisture/weathertightness of New Zealand’s building stock  is problematic for both building performance and longevity.  

This particular suite of eLearning modules about junctions needed to tie in with the 3-hour facilitated seminar that BRANZ runs on junctions. Having eLearning on junctions makes it accessible to a wider audience as needed for just-in-time learning. 

Modules: Steel Frameworks 

In New Zealand, tertiary qualifications for both carpentry and architectural design are heavily focused on timber-framed buildings. Steel framing is not part of the core syllabus and modules on steel framing are either voluntary or non-existent. Despite this, builders and architects are considered qualified to build and design steel-framed buildings. 

These modules fill this gap. The learning journey consists of eLearning modules including authentic scenarios relevant to NASH and BRANZ. 


Our modules are available through the BRANZ website, so that all New Zealand Licenced Building Practitioners can access them regardless of location or of where they’re based. 

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