Inspiring, award-winning learning solutions to help your people thrive.

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We offer seven thought-provoking programmes to fit any organisation and leader:

Challenges leaders’ current mindset and attitudes. It gets them thinking about their every day in a different way, opening them to new experiences and learning opportunities.

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Brings learners face to face with the realities of people leadership and helps them decide if it’s something they actually want to do. After all, leading people isn’t for everyone.

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Highlights for leaders what may or may not be working with their current communication style. It will give leaders the tools they’ll need to ensure a positive two-way conversation is their default style.

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Opens the door to leaders becoming the coach they want to be. We’ll help them define what that is as well as provide them with an approach and framework to make this happen.

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Explores the wide range of emotions that come with change. Leaders will uncover things about themselves they didn’t realise and find ways they can prepare themselves, and others, for their next change event.

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Explains the differences, the benefits and strengths of having a diverse team and inclusive organisation. It encourages leaders to embrace diversity and make it their reality as the way we work continually evolves.


Not only clarifies what mentoring is, it ensures leaders are set up to successfully serve those they are mentoring by creating a structure, build skills and stay consistent in their approach.

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Our Inspiring to lead module takes you through our programmes, the thinking behind them and the approach we’ve taken.

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Our Inspiring to lead programmes are competitively priced, as you get the benefit of an effective and proven leadership programme contextualised to your organisation, without the cost of a fully customised learning solution.

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