Mind Matters

Need help navigating an ocean of thoughts? Introducing our newest off-the-shelf eLearning module 'Mind Matters: Navigating an Ocean of Thoughts'

Designed in collaboration with EAP Services, Mind Matters contains tried-and-tested tools, strategies, and activities to help lessen feelings of worry, including:

  • Thought mapping
  • Physical resets
  • Conscious acknowledgment of anxiety
  • Reframing of worries


Customise to your business 

Similar to our previous ‘off-the-shelf’ eLearning module, Unconscious Bias, Mind Matters can be customised to your organisation. We can include your own look-and-feel or even add any additional resources that you currently have available.


Implement in just a few clicks

Off-the-shelf content means that getting this module live in your business is fast and easy! We've also built this course using Chameleon Creator so it will work seamlessly on any device, meaning your team can access it from wherever, whenever.


Support a charity of your choice!

Supporting Kiwis with their mental wellbeing is important mahi, so we are donating 10% of each sale of Mind Matters to the mental health charity of your choice.


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Support Your Team's Wellbeing

It's no fun feeling worried at work! That's why it's so important to protect the wellbeing of your team. Why not book a demo with one of our learning partners to find out how this module can help your team feel less anxious.