nbn has a wide range of audiences, both internal and external, across different industries. When a new employee or an external contractor started, there was a need for a common understanding of how the national broadband network works from the exchange to the business, home and person.


We mapped out the business with key stakeholders and identified the most important content that someone needed to know, and what parts people struggled with. It was often in the connections and value chain where there was confusion, which gave us an idea.


Because the learning needed to shine a light on how the parts fit together, we created a 3D virtual city that was without colour, or 'unconnected' at the start. As the learner clicked on each part of the city and learnt how the network works in that district, that part of the city transformed to colour and technology made the static move. As they learnt “how it all connects” the city was brought to life.


“How it all connects” has become one of the flagship pieces of learning for nbn and, not only has one of the highest completion rates of all learning, but is one of the online experiences that has had the highest repeat completion of all digital learning experiences. The module has been able to be used both inside and outside of nbn as a means of communication and marketing as well as learning.

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