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"The way the Inspire team collaboratively worked with us really supported our team to tell our story and develop and refine our design. From our brief, Inspire were able to cleverly harness the journey we want our people to go on and bring this to life through the final design. It was awesome to work together in such an open and honest way."

Gemma Mackey - Specialist Leadership and Culture


Contact is on a journey to create a more consistent and strategic  approach to leadership development. This defines how they want their people to show up and lead at Contact, moving away from traditional people leadership to recognising that everyone is a leader.

Work was undertaken to create a leadership framework that is deeply connected to their vision and purpose and enables and supports their One Contact culture – where all their people understand what leadership means for Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Organisation.


Contact knew they wanted to create a digital and flexible interactive experience for their people when exploring the new leadership framework, which they've called 'Shaping Our Contact Community  (SOCC)'. It also felt right to create a design that symbolised the leadership themes and leadership journeys that form SOCC. This is where we (Inspire Group) came in to assist.

We worked collaboratively on the briefing session where Contact shared their journey in developing SOCC. The next stage involved a session for feedback on the initial design concepts which is where we introduced the Pikorua design. The Pikorua design aligned to Contact's initial brief and beautifully symbolised SOCC, both visually and conceptually connecting their themes and journeys together. 



Our talented visual design team used the Pikorua design as a symbol of SOCC. The Pikorua design for Contact symbolises peoples' connections with each other as part of the journey they are on together as One Contact. It integrates the journeys of Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Organisation and their below themes:

  1. I know me, I know you
  2. I have open and honest conversations
  3. I am an explorer
  4. I am a student and a teacher
  5. I am connected.

The Pikorua shows the connection they all have with each other and Contact through their development. The interconnectedness of the Pikorua reflects the nature of personal development in a person's career, with all aspects of growth ongoing.

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