Dan Tohill

Changing power structures to create belonging – looking beyond diversity and inclusion

Pia Steiner, People Experience Director at Springload, chats to Dan Tohill about the importance of employee belonging and how it is influenced by power structures.

They cover:

  • the concept of employee belonging, in Aotearoa and in a global context
  • why employee belonging is important for all organisations
  • how the area of diversity and inclusion is evolving
  • the future of employee belonging – what we're likely to see over the next five years
  • simple steps anyone can action in their workplace
  • plus, much more...
"Diversity is the mix, inclusion is the action, and belonging is the feeling. The feeling when you come to work, that you are part of something, and you're connected..." 
Pia Steiner - People Experience Director at Springload

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About Pia Steiner:

Curious, creative, energetic, enthusiastic, innovator, slightly weird, tech wonderer, risk taker, sometimes baker, people enthusiast, co-designer, book connoisseur, kindness promoter, public speaker, employee activist.... and that’s just on a Monday.

Listen to the interview here:


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